Ortozes, kas balsta un/vai fiksē roku nepieciešamajā pozīcijā.

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Arm Sling Special (8004)

Comfortable arm sling.
€ 18.38 incl tax

OmoStabil (121200)

Shoulder and arm support. Circular enclosure of torso area.
€ 55.69 incl tax

Shoulder/Arm Immobilizer (9012)

Shoulder and arm immobilisation.
€ 37.69 incl tax

OmoSAT (121 980)

Shoulder-arm-support pouch for holding arm in secure adduction position.
€ 44.11 incl tax

OmoXpress light (120920)

Shoulder Support.
€ 31.05 incl tax

OmoXpress schulter- immobilisationsorthese 120900

Shoulder and arm immobilisation.
€ 41.15 incl tax

MR1101 Omox Arm Sling

Immobilization of the arm/shoulder.
€ 16.34 incl tax

MR1102 Omox Arm Sling

Immobilization of the arm/shoulder.
€ 19.31 incl tax

MR1163 Mediroyal Omox Zip Shoulder Immobilizer

Shoulder and arm support.
€ 47.98 incl tax

Premium Arm Sling For adult (1169-02)

Shoulder bag support. Orthosis for adults.
€ 29.53 incl tax