Ortozes, kas aptver ceļgala locītavu

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Patella Tendon Strap (114010)

Provides light support and unloading of the patella tendon. Silicone pressure pad inserted in the pocket, anatomically-optimised cut.
€ 21.19 incl tax

ActiveColor® Knee Support (1440)

ActiveColor® knee support offers protection against this kind of overstraining
€ 18.14 incl tax

Genum Patella T Short NeoTex (EU4020)

This low profile, functional knee braces is designed to unload the patella in the most effective way.
€ 28.71 incl tax

Genum Stab Short NeoTex (EU4030)

A small, low profile wrap-around knee brace designed to stabilize the patella.
€ 53.48 incl tax

StabiloGen Latex-Free (114250)

Patella fixation support.
€ 38.44 incl tax

GenuZip (114390)

Patella fixation support with side zip fastener for easy fitting and removal.
€ 35.09 incl tax

StabiloGen Eco Sport (114520SP)

Knee Supports support injured tissue structures (joint, ligaments, capsules, cartilages).
€ 38.73 incl tax

Patella Support for Osgood-Schlatter (114510)

Anatomically-contoured knit. Localised pressure relief for tibial tuberosity.
€ 40.85 incl tax

Stabilo® Knee Support with Articulated Joint (150140)

Knee support with side joint splints for guidance of the knee joint.
€ 69.73 incl tax

Genum CoTex Basic (EU4601)

A knee orthosis with three compression zones, highest compression over the joint.
€ 42.73 incl tax