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Wrist Support (112110)

Elastic wrist support for treating minor complaints.
€ 8.60 incl tax

One-Size Universal Wrist (MR8815)

This brace gives a light wrist support.
€ 12.19 incl tax

ManuBasic Sport (112920SP)

Particularly elastic in the area of the wrist and the lower arm and thus easy to put on.
€ 22.85 incl tax

One-Size Tennis Elbow (MR8821)

Tennis elbow brace.
€ 16.61 incl tax

Elbow Support, blue (8020)

Anatomically designed elbow support.
€ 26.25 incl tax

Shoulder support (8010)

An anatomical shoulder support designed to provide stability and compression for an injuried shoulder.
€ 68.75 incl tax

Extra Pad Kit for ErixOne / ErixTwo (MR983)

Pads for additional support. Half-moon shaped in Right and Left plus one circular pad.
€ 47.99 incl tax

ErixThree, arm-sling kit (MR941)

This is at very flexible kit that allows you to further unload the shoulder joint together with your ErixThree shoulder brace.
€ 62.43 incl tax

Extra Stabilizing Straps to ErixOne / ErixTwo (MR982)

Extra stabilization straps for abduction control, 50 mm and 30 mm, plus covers.
€ 116.36 incl tax

Chest Belt for ErixOne / ErixTwo (MR981)

Chest belt for ErixOne/ErixTwo.
€ 61.33 incl tax