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Elastic Figure-eight ankle strap (EU5001)

An elastic and very effective figure-eight strap for individual support of the ankle.
€ 16.54 incl tax

Elastic Ankle with extra strap (EU5016)

Ankle brace with the cross-straps.
€ 27.87 incl tax

One Size Anklesupport (MR8870)

This brace can be used for both ankle instabilities, lighter sprains and for achilles.
€ 20.76 incl tax

Elastic Ankle Sport (8072)

The orthosis is designed to provide light support, compression and heat over the ankle joint.
€ 43.50 incl tax

DSO DeRoyal Sport Orthosis (AB2900)

A functional ankle lace-up brace.
€ 31.61 incl tax

DeRoyal Sport Brace (EU8075)

An ankle support for high activities.
€ 65.00 incl tax € 52.00 incl tax

DeRoyal Sport Ankle powered by BOA (AB3000)

Ankle brace with innovative closure system.
€ 38.30 incl tax

TaloStabil Eco (054600)

Special design for children's size. For positioning the ankle in pronation or supination.
€ 32.03 incl tax

TaloStabil Sport (054600SP)

Ankle Supports support injured tissue structures (joint, ligaments, capsules, cartilages).
€ 32.03 incl tax

Activemed Ankle Support (220600)

For positioning the ankle in pronation or supination.
€ 18.48 incl tax