Kinesio Tex Classic ( 28965024, 28975024, 28985024, 28995024, 28905024 )

Kinesiology tape, size: 5 cm x 4 m
Manufacturer: MediRoyal/DeRoyal
SKU: 28985024
€ 15.94 incl tax

Mediroyal deliver continued the famous traditional Kinesio® Tape with the design that has set the standard for kinesiotejpning world. The name is now Kinesio® Tex Classic and now comes in new packaging. It is allergenic and latex-free and works for all patient groups.

Kinesio® Tex Classic consists of high-grade cotton that provides high ventilation and comfort. The tape is water resistant and therefore you can swim and shower with it on the skin. Surface self-adhesive activated by body heat and Kinesio® Tex Classic allows full movement of the joint. Something that does not apply to traditional sports tape.