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TaloStabil Sport (054600SP)

Ankle Supports support injured tissue structures (joint, ligaments, capsules, cartilages).
€ 32.03 incl tax

Activemed Ankle Support (220600)

For positioning the ankle in pronation or supination.
€ 18.48 incl tax

Ankle Stirrup Recovery (AB2340)

This ankle stirrup is padded with slow recovery foam that provides a high comfort in combination pressure absorbtion.
€ 78.32 incl tax € 62.65 incl tax

Malleum CoTex (EU5401)

A new ankle orthosis with silicone pads.
€ 32.03 incl tax € 25.63 incl tax

Malleum CoTex Plus (EU5402)

An orthosis that combines compression and extra support for the ankle.
€ 49.19 incl tax € 39.35 incl tax

Select AchilloStabil Plus (053100)

Ankle brace supports the postural function of the ligaments thus relieving the joint.
€ 40.38 incl tax

Select AchilloStabil Sport (053100SP)

Active Achilles tendon support.
€ 50.46 incl tax

BORT Heel Lift made of silicone (930200)

Silicone heel lift (Also for children)
€ 8.06 incl tax

Patella Support for Osgood-Schlatter (114510)

Anatomically-contoured knit. Localised pressure relief for tibial tuberosity.
€ 40.85 incl tax

Patella Tendon Strap (114010)

Provides light support and unloading of the patella tendon. Silicone pressure pad inserted in the pocket, anatomically-optimised cut.
€ 21.19 incl tax