SellaXpress (112840)

For controlled mobilisation, after thumb fractures, arthritis, arthrosis of the thumb saddle.
Manufacturer: BORT Medical GmbH
SKU: 112840
€ 26.32 incl tax

Softly padded, is therefore extremely comfortable to wear. Skin-friendly material provides optimum comfort. The integrated stabilisation element ensures an ideal fit. Can be adjusted to match the patient's characteristics thanks to the extremely thin and flexincluding wrap around guidance at the thumb.

After thumb fractures, arthritis, arthrosis of the thumb saddle and/or metacarpophalangeal joints, ulnar/radial ligament injury to the thumb, late stage following tendon reconstruction, tendopathy, for controlled mobilisation in the case of rhizarthrosis, skier's thumb.
Measurement: circumference of wrist, cm.